Friday, March 31, 2017

Empowering Myself

I have been single now for 2 years and yes sometimes its lonely but I'm kind of happy with it. I'm working on doing things for myself and L not letting anyone tell me I can or can't do things, not having someone tie me down and control certain aspects of my life. My last relationship I was in was a doozy. I didn't really understand how bad it was until it was over and I got out of it. Both L and I are a lot happier not being in that relationship anymore. It held me back I was being made to feel bad because I was working and trying to build something for myself. I'm working to build a life for L and I that we don't have to depend on anyone else and thats the life I want, I want to be able to say hey I did it I got here without a man. I am a strong, intelligent, and happy woman and that is exactly what I want people to see in me. In the past few months I took a huge leap and quit my part time job. My income is solely based on what I bring in with my business I am mine and Ls sole provider now I have to get my butt in gear everyday to bring home the bacon. I know I can do this and I know that in the next year big things are going to happen for us. I went and started my driving lessons so that I can get my license which will be a big step in becoming that much more independent. I can't wait for our future and what is to come for us I can't wait to see what I can do with my business this year I just can't wait for everything!

Thursday, March 30, 2017

So I have recently been into audio books and started getting them through Itunes but I  wanted to find something that was easier to use. I ended up searching and finding and was surprised at how much there really is in audiobooks. It's a monthly subscription for about $14.99 and you get a credit each month for a new book to read. when you sign up you get a free book cause your first month is free. You can make a wish list of all the books that you are wanting to read/have read to you and then when you have a new credit you can go ahead and read away! so far I am on book number 2 and really happy about it. I am a generally busy person and love to read but unfortunately never have time to just sit down and read a book as much as I might try it just never happens. This allows me to read the books I have been wanting to read while I do the things I have to get done during the day. So if you are looking for a good Audio book app I would defiantly recommend!

I'm Back!!

Wow it has actually been forever since I last wrote anything on here. A lot of things have changed that's for sure. I'm currently laying in bed listening to L snore in her bed I find it so funny how much noise one little person can make at night if she's not snoring she's talking
In her sleep or she's doing both haha. I'm having a hard time getting to sleep tonight so I thought what better time then now to go through my emails and clean out my inbox and then I realized that this blog was still active and sitting here all lonely for over a year now. So I thought what the heck lets get this puppy going again. So here I am making the first blog post on here of 2017! It was just the other day that I was sitting on my computer thinking gosh I miss blogging well here I am. Hello again world! Well it's been a while and here's the update I'm still a single mom. I still live with my family (still have a house goal). I now work for myself and no longer work for a company so I work from home yay! L starts school this year (OMG I can't believe she is getting so old). At this point L is still in daycare but will only be there for another couple of months while I get some things sorted out and then she will have 2 months home with me. :) I'm so excited to have her home with me everyday during the summer I'm positive she is going to love it too. She is so excited for school she can't wait. I'm excited as well cause with me now working for myself I can make my own hours and actually try and enjoy the summer with L instead of having to get up and go to work every morning or night. Don't get me wrong I work everyday anyways but I get to make the hours and say hey I'm done working for the day whenever I want so it should make for a good summer. Well I'm going to leave it at that tonight and I will hopefully get back to this and try and post More regularly! Night!

She's so sweet!

Oh what a day today has been! Today my dad asked if L and I wanted to go to the store with him. I of course said yes because your girl loves...