Thursday, November 6, 2014

Bum Rashes

I have had the hardest time with LB and her having bum rashes I know that it's a common thing with babies but to go whole months with nothing but bum rashes was driving me crazy. I went the whole first 6 months of her  life without any bum rashes or issues and then all of the sudden solids started and it was rash after rash to the point where I stopped giving her solids and just put her back on formula. finally after the rash cleared up I started giving her solids again and kept an eye on the things I was giving her. I decided one day to try her on oat cereal well that didn't work out well she ended up with a sever bum rash to the point it was blistered and raised and just very painful for her she would scream every time I would change her bum or when she had a bath. I seriously felt like the world's worst mother because my daughter was in pain and I didn't know what to do.  After having an experience with a rash for a full month I decided enough was enough and took her to the ER to get her checked out. I had tried a million different creams and nothing was working. when we got into the room the nurse took her diaper off and made a ooo face like that looks bad. She then got up and got the oxygen mask out and told me to hold it close to LB's bum and that the air would help and all would be good so I sat there for what seemed like forever holding this stupid thing at my baby's butt with her screaming bloody murder and crying. The nurse finally came back and looked at her bum and said "oh it looks so much better" I didn't see much of a difference other than it had dried out a little and was less red. So there advice to me was to let my baby go without a diaper for a while and to put a cream on it that they had prescribed (one I had already tried and didn't work). I was very unhappy with their advice to say the least. So I went home and talked to my mother who didn't agree with their advice either. My mother called me the next  morning and told me that she had looked up bum rashes and that she had discovered that some babies have a hard time with acid in fruits. The very next day she was on a no fruit diet. within 2 days the rash was gone and there was no rash that week or the next week and so we just kept her on a strict no oat and fruit diet. I also wanted to be sure that the issues with her bum wasn't from chemicals in her diapers so I switched her diapers from Pampers and The Honest Company. I also got the healing balm from The Honest Company and it is seriously the best it is the only thing that would help with her rashes when we tried seeing if she could go back on fruits or oats and she broke out again. I highly recommend Honest to any moms I talk to. So all in all we still deal with occasional breakouts but they are defiantly not as bad as they used to be. 

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