Saturday, March 28, 2015

My favorite food to make or eat.

My all time favorite food to make and eat is soup! I love getting my crockpot out and building a really good soup! It's basically my go to clean out the fridge meal. I also love experimenting with soup and ingredients. Soups are also good for cleaning out your freezer frozen meats and frozen vegetables. I'm getting hungry just thinking about it.

I usually start out with a stock I don't use water as a base It doesn't have enough base flavour. Beef stock, veggie stock, or chicken stock but I usually go for beef stock. Then I like to have a grain or starch of some kind wether it's a noodle, rice or quinoa or even lentils. I put in as many veggies as I can we always have frozen peas and corn in the house so those are almost always in my soup I also love them. Peppers are always welcome. In my soups they add a little sweetness the options are virtually endless of what you can throw together as for spices I put in a bunch of different spices I like a little kick so I usually put in some chili powder and curry powder and usually something like a Montreal steak spice. Of course salt and pepper to taste as well. Let it all cook down and you've got your self a yummy soup that can last you for days.

I would have to say that one of my all time favourite soups that my dad makes for me is his potato leak soup and his French onion soup. My dad will cook a roast and use the drippings from it to make the stock for his French onion soup it is seriously the greatest French onion soup I have ever had. I hate when you order one at a restaurant and it comes with a bun all soggy on the top I absolutely hate soggy bread. So one thing dad does is he uses croutons and they seem to hold their form better. One of these days ill keep track of and put up a soup recipe even though there is really nothing to it.

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