Monday, May 8, 2017

Weekend update Monday #3

I didn't get around to posting on Friday. I am sorry! This past week and weekend have been a struggle. I feel slightly defeated and overwhelmed at the moment and I am glad at the moment that I have this platform to write it all out. Not this weekend that passed but the weekend before I had a bunch of clients scheduled and ended up having to reschedule them all as it was raining pretty hard. It rained most of the week letting up for a couple hours here and there. L and I did get out and do a bunch of stuff to keep her busy as I now have her home full time. So this weekend I had rescheduled a few clients and it ended up raining yet again so those all got cancelled. On Sunday I was supposed to have a client come to my home and do there session in studio but guess what the basement flooded and I had to bring everything that could get damaged up to my studio area and had to cancel the session and reschedule. It has literally one thing after the other and I currently have nothing coming in so I am feeling the pressure. As much as it was nice having L in daycare I'm happy I don't have to struggle to find the money to pay that this week. Guess what is happening right now it is snowing! What the! It is May 8th and it is snowing everywhere around us is flooding there are roads closed and conservation areas blocked off. Peoples docks are floating away it's crazy right now. I'm trying to not let myself depressed and hoping that things will soon turn around and go in my favour but that's getting harder. We will just have to wait and see what this week brings.

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