Wednesday, June 20, 2018

The Plan and more

Well I am starting to get a plan into motion of posts and trying to get things ready to have scheduled posts and what not to keep up with this more. I am going to have posts at least once a week right now if not a few more ideally I would like to have 3 times a week Monday Wednesday and Friday posts. In the past I have done Wednesday reviews which I would like to keep up with I am currently working on putting together a couple reviews on some new stuff I have bought recently or something that I have gotten samples of in the mail.

So the plan is to keep going with this revive it and build it up. Wish me luck!

One thing about this summer that is different from last summer is the fact that I have my license now and I have a car where as last summer I didn't have either so we were pretty much stuck at home. I am planning on doing some little adventures with L this summer and make it fun for her and I. I have a list of thing I want to do this year. We have already done one of those things which was going to the zoo and that will be in another post in the future. So stay tuned for that one!

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