Sunday, April 7, 2019

Changes In My Life...

I have been really thinking about the past lately and looking at what I have done in the last year with myself. I got into a really dark place where In my head I was going to be over weight and hate myself for the rest of my life I had tried almost everything. I was working out but wasn't really loosing weight and I was getting back up to that weight I told myself that I would never let myself get to again. The highest weight I have ever been was 256 lbs I was 248lbs and had given up hope of ever being at my goal weight or feeling good about myself again. I really let myself go and didn't care at all I stopped wearing make up wore my hair up 90% of the time and wore yoga pants and big sweaters because those were the only things that fit me.

One day I decided that I was done with weight watchers and not sticking to it and that I was going to start looking into this Keto diet that everyone was talking about. I started doing my research and gathering information. I then decided heck I'm going to try this and see how it goes. The only way I was going to succeed was to be able to get the rest of my family on board It took about a week to get them all on board my dad was all for it right off the bat. My mom on the other hand took a little more convincing to give up pasta and breads.

I just posted a Keto 6 month update. I'm happy to say that in those 6 months I have lost 38.8 lbs almost 40lbs and I feel great! In the past couple weeks I have noticed a lot of changes in myself. I have been trying on old clothes and clothes that I haven't ever worn because they were always too small and am now able to fit in them. I have started wearing makeup again because I now feel good about myself and the way I look. I am motivated again and feel so determined to keep going with this lifestyle.

I have found a passion for cooking. I used to try and make meals before but was never confident in what I made. That has all changed I am making dinner just about every night and I am experimenting with different foods and how to make the same chicken 50 different ways. I am adapting recipes to make them Keto friendly and just really embracing it all.

Yes I still have down days and crappy days. I still have days were I feel like crap. But those days have become a lot less.

I am happy and I am so looking forward to what the future is like and where I can go from here.

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