Monday, May 1, 2017

Weekend update Monday #2


Woke up early today and got ready for the day with L. She dressed herself so it was a very eccentric outfit she had a white and red sparkly sweater on with grey pants and then a green and yellow sunflower spaghetti strap dress over top of it all. Thankfully she ended up taking the dress off. I spent the day out at work. I  didn't think or realize that I was going to be sitting out in the sun all day and I should wear sunscreen so that was a fun learning experience.


Woke up today and it is pouring rain out so all my plans have changed. Was supposed to be out with another full day of work but due to the rain everything was cancelled. I totally feel like a crispy lobster today though I hurt and am super itchy on my scalp and face. I'm hopeful that that will only last a day or two and turn into an awesome tan. That's usually hope it works for me. So since plans changed I get to spend the day with L and play and have some fun. Tomorrow is going to be totally different for us I can actually sleep in (if she actually allows me too). Have I mentioned that my child is scared of movies even the mention of a movie sends her into a panic. I just got Mary Poppins in the mail on Bluray for my mom and we decided to put it on and watch it today while we were working. Well L got so upset that she hid behind the couch crying. We told her it wasn't scary and she would love it she didn't believe us. We got her to calm down and start watching her TV show in the other room and put the movie on hoping that the singing would bring her into the room and spark her interest. Eventually we called her out to show her some of the fun stuff that happens on Mary Poppins and she ended up sitting there and watching it with us. I asked her last night if she wanted to watch it again and she excitedly said yes.

Monday Morning

We all went to bed last night fairly early. We were all very tired last night and ended up going to bed at 9:30pm. It was a great sleep last night L woke me up at 6 am asking if I remembered to charge her iPad which I hadn't. So she switched blankets with me because I was using her favourite one and she feel back to sleep. It is now 8:25am and I just woke up about 15 min ago and L is still sleeping. This is L's first day of no daycare during the week. Wish me Luck!

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