Friday, July 24, 2020

She's so sweet!

Oh what a day today has been! Today my dad asked if L and I wanted to go to the store with him. I of course said yes because your girl loves grocery shopping! I also convinced L to go which on a normal day it would be like pulling teeth trying to get her to go out. Today she was pretty easy to convince to go with us awesome! We went to Costco and got a couple things there including some grade 2 books to get L ready for the new school year. (Honestly still on the fence about sending her) all was good. Dad decided that he needed to run to the dollar store to grab a couple things so off we went. Once at the parking lot to the store we started walking to the store dad was in front of us and L and I were holding hands behind him when suddenly I hit mud and my foot twisted and came out from under me and down I went my opposite knee hit the ground hard and then the rest of my body went down as well with my child right behind me. Thank goodness my purse and body caught her and she didn't end up getting hurt. She had no scratches or anything she was more worried about me then anything.  Of course dad didn't hear or see any of this and continued to the store leaving us behind. The car next to us on the other hand saw the whole thing and laughed. Lets just say my kid was not to happy about that person laughing at me and yelled at the car. Right then L turned into the sweetest little girl she was asking me if I was ok was I hurt all of the above and she was just all together concerned. She helped me walk (hobble) over to the bench outside the store and we sat there me covered in mud and bleeding from my leg and her just concerned. I ended up calling dad from outside the store letting him know what happened because clearly he had no clue. Once we carefully hobbled back to the car my sweet girl opened the car door for me and offered to get me a bandaid and ice when we got home. I'm glad I'm raising a sweet caring girl.  

Thursday, May 14, 2020

Pandemic and Me

Well as per normal it has been a while since I have been on here. We are in unprecedented times and it is very weird! My child is home all the time and so is the rest of my family and we are not allowed to leave the house unless it is to go to the store for essential items. Schools are out and its just crazy!

We are now resorting to online schooling at the current moment which let me tell you as much as my child loves being on the computer or Ipad school work is the last thing she wants to do and I don't blame her. I give full props to the parents that are currently sitting down with there kids and doing school work everyday and all that jazz but that isn't the case in our house hold. If I can get L to sit down and do at least an hour of solid work a couple times a week without a fight then I'm winning! I have come to the decision that I am not going to fight with her and her get upset over it to the point of tears and hatred it's just not worth it to me and her mental and to be honest my mental health to do that. If she doesn't feel up to it that day then we just don't do it and I tell her that we are going to have to do a little bit of it sometime in the week and she knows that and she will choose to do it when she feels she is in a good space to do it. outside of that we are taking this weird time to spend time together and learn things a different way wether we watch a national geographic show on Disney + about dinosaurs or go out in our yard and look at things growing. My kid is a ball of information and tells me things about animals or dinosaurs before they even get to that part in the shows we are watching. basically as long as she is learning in some way and she is happy and healthy I am doing good.

It's so hard for kids right now especially ones who don't have siblings like mine. they aren't allowed to play with their friends or go to the park or really even leave the house or yard except to go for a walk. This has been hard on L as she is a very social person and loves her friends. One great thing though is that even though it has caused more screen time she has been able to video call and play games with her cousin which has been great for the both of them as before all this they would maybe see each other a few times a year mostly at family events and now they have more of a friendship. It also has been a good break for me as in those times where she is on with her cousin I get to have some free time from entertaining her myself.

As I think most people have these days I am becoming a bit of a crazy plant lady and have a good collection going right now in the corner window. not all of them will stay indoors but just until it is time to plant them in the gardens. I have also started a list of plants that I want to get for the house so we will see how that goes.

As for my way of eating it has totally gone off the rails and I am sad to say that but when you have a hard time finding certain foods and you don't want to go to the store all the time especially with what is going on we just came to the conclusion that we will just eat whats the easiest to access. we are starting to talk about getting back on track with our Keto way of eating which I am very much looking forward to.

All in all we are getting through this we are currently healthy which is great and we are getting a little sick of each other but we are working on that.

Stay Safe!

She's so sweet!

Oh what a day today has been! Today my dad asked if L and I wanted to go to the store with him. I of course said yes because your girl loves...