Monday, April 27, 2015

Getting my Sh*t together

Finally getting my Sh*t together! Went the other day and got my G1 license its been a long time coming and I've been needing to do it for years. Finally convinced myself that no time was like the present. Next on my list was to get mine and Loves room organized yes we share a room it's hard but there are no other options right now. I'm switching things around from being baby friendly to toddler friendly setting up a play area and places for her to put things away to start a cleanup chore type system. At this point Love is pretty good at cleaning she loves throwing things in the garbage which at times can be a problem she tends to throw things away that shouldn't be but we are working on that. Well better get back to this whole organizing thing before time runs out. 

Friday, April 24, 2015


My child is so much fun right now she does silly little faces and laughs her ass off at the dumbest things. She's always wanting to dance and fool around and I hate that I have to miss out on this most days. Love goes to daycare during the day so In the morning I have maybe 20 minutes with her if I'm lucky. Then on a normal day I wouldn't see her till the next day due to the fact that I work mostly nights. I love when I get to make my own hours at work and can come in at 8am and leave to go get Love from daycare and have the night to spend with her. I'm hoping that in the next few months I can start working more days so I have more time with my girl. Plus then I'm not feeling like I'm sending my kid to daycare for nothing. 

Thursday, April 23, 2015

What I'm listening to!

SO I thought I would do something a little different. The other day I decided to download some new music as I haven't done that in a really long time and my music was in dire need of updating. So heres  a list of what I'm currently listening too. Warning it may not be your taste in music!

- Budapest by George Ezra
- Work Song by Hozier
- Believe by Mumford & Sons
- Bungalow by Scott Helman
- Sound of your heart by Shawn Hook
- Rule the world by Walk off the Earth
- Hopeless Opus by Imagine Dragons
- Geronimo by Sheppard
- Stolen Dance by Milky Chance
- Take me to church by Hozier
- I'm so sorry by Imagine Dragons

So this is what I'm listening too I did download the whole Hozier Album and Imagine Dragons Album they are 2 of my favourite artists right now Imagine Dragons being the top! Seriously in love with Imagine Dragons but not in the stocking sense just in the I love there music and listen to it more than anything else. Well I hope you find something you like in this list!!

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

What do you tell your child???

One thing I have asked myself countless times is what am I going to tell my daughter when she gets older and starts asking why she doesn't have a father. Really though what do you tell you kid. I can't be like well your father abandoned us and didn't want to have anything to do with you. Ya no I can't tell my kid that. I also don't want to lie to her even though it would be easier to just say he's dead. There are no pictures of them together he's only ever seen her 6 times which accumulates to about 8 hrs in almost 2 years. He honestly knows nothing about her and has no idea how amazing and smart she is. I hate him so much not for what he did to me but what he has done to my little girl. The greatest thing I have in my life. She is honestly the greatest gift he ever gave me and I thank him for that. as much as I love that he isn't apart of our lives it's really hard knowing that he's out there spending time with his other kid he had while cheating on me and could care less about our child the one he actually planned and then turned his back on. I guess as time goes on I will figure it out. right now she calls me mommy and daddy. In this day in age I guess it's normal not to have 2 parents or to have a broken home. I honestly never imagined this life for my child I always thought my child would grow up like I did with my parents happily married for years with full blood siblings and not a bunch of half siblings some of which she will never know. Hopefully I have and will be able to give her enough love to make up for everything. 

Tuesday, April 21, 2015


So one thing I have almost always had to deal with in my teen/adult life is depression. I have a major depressive disorder so it comes and goes sometimes worse then others. I have been really good in the last few years not letting myself get too deep into it. I find lately that its getting really hard not to let it get to me. So I decided to make some changes in my life that will improve it. I have started cleaning out my room and getting rid of things that I don't need cluttering my life anymore. I'm also going to go this week and finally see if I can get my license! I have been putting that one off for forever but I think its time. I think some days things just feel so overwhelming and you just need to step back re-evaluate and figure out your next more!


This Oops is for 2 things 1 I forgot to get a blog post ready to post so this one is very late and I will have to post 2 blog posts today one now and one later. The other Oops is for the fact that my family and I went out for dinner tonight. We went and got sushi it was just my mom sister Love and I dad couldn't come. Love loves soup so we ordered her a vegetable soup and then I ordered her chicken fried rice because I knew she would eat it. When the food started coming to the table Loves soup came but it was way too hot for her to eat it so we put it to the side to cool down. I ended up scooping the rice onto a plate for her she gobbled it up and enjoyed it which I knew she would as she has had it before at other places. Finally she is able to have her soup well doesn't her face start to break out in a rash and I'm instantly like sh*t what's that from!? I totally wasn't thinking and looked at the fried rice and realized that there were tiny pieces of eggs all through it. Luckily she only had a slight reaction to it and it ended up clearing up shortly after we left the restaurant. Note to self when ordering fried rice order it without egg!!

Sunday, April 19, 2015


I find it very disappointing when you go out of your way to plan a party for your best friend who is pregnant and after inviting over 20 people and having people RSVP only one person shows up. I had all of this food thinking that roughly 10 or more people were going to be here and I had to have my friend walk in to a surprise baby shower with one guest. Talk about feeling jousted. I even had one guest text me to tell me she would be late and making an excuse but then never responding to my messages only to find out my mom and sister saw her walking around town with her boyfriend. Seriously no respect for people who can't just say they don't want to come. All in all I'm a very pissed off person. Not just for myself but I felt so bad for my friend how shitty is it to have someone throw you a shower and no one shows up for you. I was trying to do a nice thing and feel like I would have been better off not doing anything. 

Friday, April 17, 2015

Walking With a Toddler!

Yesterday I decided that we needed to get out and go for a walk. So that's what we did we got Love and the dog and took them to the local trail and started walking. Love was so excited she had to walk the dog no one else could do it. She was so excited she felt like such a big girl walking the dog and I have to say she did a great job she held onto that leash tightly and didn't let the dog control her she controlled the dog. She did have a couple falls because she got too excited a few times and ended up running and tripping over her feet. She would cry a little and then get back up and keep going. She didn't want it to end so when we got back to the car she had a major melt down she wanted to keep walking but we had to get going so I packed her into the car and as soon as she was in and stopped crying she turned to me and said "we go for walk" so hopefully this weekend we can go for another walk !

Allergy Testing...

Lets just say this has been a very long day! So today My sis and I took Love to get Allergy tested. The day after her first birthday she had a sever hives reaction to her cake she was covered in hives from head to toe. Luckily I had benadryl in the house and quickly gave it to her and took her down to the kids emerg. So from that almost a year later we finally got in to see the allergist to see if she is in fact allergic to the things we have kept her from such as eggs and oats. So we went in to the clinic and Love started saying Phil, Phil because we watch Dr. Phil and she is obsessed with him so we had to tell her that we are at a different Dr.'s. At this point Love hates the Dr.'s we have had to make so many visits to them in the last almost 2 years that she has a meltdown every time! hence why I take someone with me to help keep her calm.
 We got put into a room and the Student Dr. Came in and started getting Love's History. We then were moved into another room where the Dr. came in and talked to me and asked me a few more questions and then we decided on what they were going to test her for and we decided they would test to see if she is allergic to eggs and oats. These are 2 things that she has had issues with in the past.
 They put liquid egg and liquid oats on her arm and then pricked her with a needle and we waited.
If she was allergic to anything it would look like a mosquito bite on her arm if she was severely allergic it would be a mosquito bite with redness around it and it would be larger. The oats came up positive and the eggs came up severely allergic.

So Love is severely allergic to Eggs to the point that they gave us an epipen for her. This is going to be a struggle but we are going to make it work I have always be cautious of eggs with her but they say that she can't have any baked good and things with eggs in them that means no pastas that are made with eggs no mayo nothing. We even have to be cautious with the flu shot!  So in another year we go back for more tests Love will be so excited! NOT!

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Oh where is the time!

My dilemma right now is that I don't have the time I had a few weeks ago I'm trying to keep up with this blog and post everyday but it is getting harder and harder. I'm sorry if the posts are short but as I said I'm very busy with 2 jobs and taking care of my toddler. Hoping to get caught up with some scheduled posts shortly. I want to keep posting everyday if I can but may end up doing every other day or something like that I'm going to figure it all out eventually.

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Million Dollar Arm *Review*

So all the family came home tonight and we decided we would watch a movie we looked on our on demand for something we could watch for free and we happened upon Million Dollar Arm. I have been wanting to watch this movie for some time now but wasn't sure if I would like it.

Turns out I did like it! This was a good movie although at times it did get a little slow but thankfully they had a character who made those slow parts better. I honestly think that if not for this character the movie would have been very boring. He basically made the movie in my opinion. It's always interesting seeing different perspectives from different countries.

So all in all it was a good movie if you like heartfelt sports movies. It's not for everyone. But I did enjoy it! I hope you do too!

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

A Few Of My Favourite Things!

So I thought I would do a few of my favourite things post just for you guys to get to know me a little better!

Favorite color : Purple
Favorite book : A handful of time by Kit Pearson
favorite movie : Secret Life of Bees 
favorite song : 
favorite music : 
favorite article of clothing : Sweater
favorite place : My Bed
favorite video game : Crash Bandicoot
favorite sport : Hockey
favorite football team : Patriots
favorite sports player : Doug Gilmore
favorite word : supercalifragilisticexpialidocious
favorite number : 13
favorite item you own : Camera 
favorite time of day : 5:30
favorite drink : Ceaser
favorite animal : Dog
favorite season : Fall 
favorite eletronic device : IPhone 6
favorite person : My Daughter

So there you go there are a few of my favorite things let me know if you have any other suggestions for a future post!!

Monday, April 13, 2015

Get Ready For Splashing!

So the other day Mom and I went shopping for Love because we knew that the warmer weather was starting to arrive and we weren't yet prepared for that as we didn't have running shoes for Love nor did we have a spring jacket and rubber boots. So out we went Mom Sis and I to go shopping for the little turd. We all ended up getting more then what we had gone out for I found a Great sale on Fleece sleepers $2.99 for a fleece sleeper couldn't pass that up so I got a few of those for next winter in a bigger size. I also ended up getting her a few dresses for the summer and some lighter pants and outfits. basically all the money I had saved by not taking my debit to work was spent on new clothes and things for Love. Which I guess if its going to go anywhere its better that it was spent on her then on something stupid. I will say I was a little disappointed when we went shopping we had the hardest time finding things in her size she is currently in 2T and we kept finding cute things and not being able to get them because they weren't in her size. One of those things being the spring jacket and boots that we wanted they only had one and it was way to small so we had to to pick between the lady bug (the one we got) that had a matching set of boots or get a jacket that was very plain and didn't have boots to go with it. All in all we got everything that we wanted to get and had gone out to get. 

Sunday, April 12, 2015

A rough night

So it looks like Love has a nice rash on her V and we are pretty sure at this point it is a yeast infection we have tried our regular bum creams and it isn't doing anything for it and from all the descriptions and pictures I've seen it looks the exact same. So I came home from work last night at about 10:30 and sat and watched some tv shows with my parents who were still up and just spent some time with them. I stayed up way too late and went to bed around 1 only to have love wake up crying for me just as I was about to go to bed. She had a soiled diaper and it was hurting her so I changed her and decided to take her to bed with me which I only do when she isn't feeling well. Let's just say bad idea the last time I took Love to bed with me she feel asleep in my arms right away and it was so nice. Not this time she was climbing all over me trying to get comfy and would find the weirdest positions. And then she would say "mommy", "mommy" I would answer her and I would tell her to go to sleep but we basically did this for 3-4 hours. I got maybe 3 hours sleep last night and well I'm sure feeling it today.

I forgot to finish and publish this post so here's how it ended.

I had 3 hours sleep and was feeling pretty crappy. I unfortunately wasn't able to have a nap that day as I had appointments and our families Easter dinner. I used up all of my back up mommy energy storage to get through the day but unfortunately was very very ill that night. I slept really well that night but still felt ill the next day. fast forward to later in the week and I'm starting to get back to normal!

Saturday, April 11, 2015

Leftover Turkey Soup

So this is going to be pretty rough this is the first time I have ever attempted to make up a recipe or even write one down so bare with me I'm going to try and do a couple of these a month. Hopefully they will be better than this cause as I said this is going to be rough!
So in my lovely crock pot I put the following 

- 8 Cups Water
- 4 tbsp Chicken Bouillon 
- 1 Cup Corn
- 16 oz Shredded White Turkey Meat
- 2 Cups Carrots (mine were caramelized)
- 1 tbsp Worcester sauce
- Dash Chilli Powder 
- 1 Cup Leftover Gravy 
- 1 Cup Peas 
- Salt and Pepper to Taste

Let that all cook down and add whatever you want for spices to give it more taste but the gravy helps give a good amount of flavour and isn't as gross as it sounds being in a soup. All I have to say is that it was actually really good and Love couldn't get enough of it. She loves soups but she ate a few bowls of this one. It also helped clean out the fridge from Easter dinner so that was a bonus! Let me know what you think and If you have any improvements!! 

Friday, April 10, 2015

The struggle (weight loss)

A few years back I weighed in at 256 lbs my highest recorded weight. I found out this weight on a ripleys believe it or not scale. I can still see my dads face when he saw the number and his holy s*** under his breath (he was a big man). Since that day I got myself down to my lowest which was 175 lbs my goal was and still is 150 lbs. Since my pregnancy my weight has hovered at 200 lbs. I weighed myself today and am down to 196 lbs which I am really happy about. So now begins the concious struggle to get down to 150 lbs with hard work and lifestyle changes. I've tried dieting and all that stuff but those are all temporary fixes I want to change my life and be a healthy person not only for me but to set an example for Love. I don't want her to go through what I did in school for my size I want her to be healthy and happy and active. I've started becoming more concious of my activity with my Fitbit one. Now I need to make some healthier food choices which I have started doing. I cut out pop from my life about 3 years ago that was a big thing for me as that's all I drank was Pepsi everyday all day nothing but Pepsi. I also started becoming more concious of how different junk foods made me feel after eating them such as Pringles they made me feel disgusting after eating then so I haven't eaten them on a few years. These are all little steps I am taking to make a big change in my life and I'm determined to make!

Thursday, April 9, 2015

The Warmer Weather!

The warm weather is starting to arrive and that's one thing I am very happy about! The other day it was so nice out that the dog went out on the back porch to take in the night weather and Love saw her out there and started calling for her to come in the house thinking that she was going to run away or something, what Love doesn't realize is that there is no way off of the porch other than to come back in the house. So Love quickly runs to the door and is yelling at the dog to come in the house. She's getting down on the ground and banging on the floor calling the dogs name. I stood back with my mom watching her do this laughing at how cute she was being all concerned about the dog who really couldn't care less that she wanted her in the house. We let her try to coax her in for a few minutes and then told her that the dog could stay outside and that it was OK that she was doing nothing wrong. We told her she was a good girl for trying to help. I keep thinking about how much fun we are going to have this summer now that Love can walk she wasn't able to till the very end of summer last year. I'm hoping that we can get to do all the things that I have in my head like camping and splash pads playing in the park and lots and lots of swimming! Time will only tell. My fingers are crossed. I want to be adventurous this summer and be outdoors more and explore more now that she is easier to take out with me. This summer is our summer and she is getting so big and so fun to be with. I'm so pumped!!

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Security blanket/stuffy

 I'm sure this is true for most of us we had this one stuffy or blanket that was with us pretty much all the time. We would go to sleep with it and take it with us on big scary adventures to the Drs. It was just always with us and usually after a couple months it was pretty grimey looking but that didn't matter to us cause it was our favourite thing and we needed it with us. 

My Security Stuffy was this brown monkey that of course I called monkey cause as a 2 year old I couldn't come up with anything better than that. Monkey went with me everywhere and I loved him He has had holes that have needed repair and he has been washed several times. He even has a missing nose. But he will always be my favourite and surprisingly I still have him today at 25 years old he still sits on my bed and when I need a little comfort I snuggle with him. 

Loves Security Blanket/Stuffy is what she calls Ducky! Ducky is her absolute favourite thing. She talks to Ducky like he knows what she is saying and answers her, she will take him and sit him beside her on the floor or on the front step when we are taking in the nice weather. My biggest fear is that Ducky will one day be missing like he has many times but that we will not find him. I have a backup ducky in case this happens but unfortunately the company who makes ducky changed there design and now ducky looks similar but instead of being all yellow he is yellow holding a white blanket. first of all while the heck would you change the blanket to white white is the hardest thing to clean! obviously the person making the changes doesn't have kids or doesn't have one who is totally and absolutely in love with this toy. So my hope at this point is that I don't ever have to replace Ducky with Ducky 2 cause she is totally going to know or that if I do have to replace him I can find the same one on eBay or something. So here is hoping that Ducky sticks around for a long time and that she grows out of needing him in a few years. 

The hardest part with Ducky is having to wash him so I have to plan how to get him away from her for him to go in the wash as he is So very much needing a bath right now. I may try and see if she will put him in the washing machine herself to let him go for his bath. Fingers crossed it works! 

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Love's favourite 3 books

Love has an obsession with 3 books. We have a ton of books in our house for her to read but she always goes back to these 3 and at this point I can pretty much read them without even looking at the words because I have read them so much. They have been read so much that they are starting to fall apart in particular Quack Quack which she decided she would soak in the tub the other day while mommy looked the other way for a second. Arent kids just the cutest when they do things like that!
Spots Halloween was a book I got for of course Halloween thinking OK we will read it a few times and be done with it but oh no Halloween is over and she is still handing it to me 5 times a day wanting me to read it. Lets just say much to the covers dismay Spot doesn't go out as Super Pup. It's a pretty easy read just a few words on each page so I guess that's a plus to this book.
The next book that Love is obsessed with is Quack Quack which I have to say is really cute its one of those touch and feel books where the animals in the book have furry parts that she gets to touch. I have to say my favourite part of reading this book with her is when she takes the book and rubs her face against it and then whispers in the puppies ear Hello Puppy! We basically read this one just laugh at her interactions with the book cause it really is the cutest thing. 

The last book would be one that Love got for her birthday from her Great Grandma and Pa and again we read this one with her more for her reactions. This book is really cute its called Baby Giggle and it starts off Tickle tickle baby giggle tickle tickle toes and then you press the button and you hear a baby giggle and the book continues like this and the  last page there is a mirror so they can watch themselves giggle. My mom loves reading this book to Love because when she hears the giggle she will throw her head back like she is laughing hysterically! 

Monday, April 6, 2015

Easter Sunday!

Easter Sunday! So I did have a post ready to go but thought that I would push that for another day considering it is Easter Sunday today and that in itself is a post that should be done the day after. I was excited for this Easter because Love is a little older and a little more understanding of it than she was last year. We had our big family Easter dinner Saturday night. The one thing I love about holidays is that my family always gets together for them and have dinner together! I love family time, I love my family! My Grandparents are getting older and unfortunately my one grandmother has terminal cancer but she was able to come for Easter dinner and visit with the family. She is exhausted now but we are all happy she was here for it including her. Friday night Love wasn't feeling too well so we had only gotten about 3 hours sleep so I was pretty Exhausted Saturday but didn't have the opportunity to sleep at all before family came over  so I was very very ill that night. Sunday morning we all slept in as Love went to bed later than normal and slept in a bit. We got out of bed and went down stairs while the Easter Bunnies helper (My Mom) made sure all the Easter stuff was ready. Love got spoiled! The first thing she went for was the bag of mini kinder eggs which we had to cut her off from cause she kept asking for more. We didn't really do much the rest of the day we were pretty lazy and I Still wasn't feeling up to par. I stayed home while the rest of the family went out for dinner. That in a  nutshell was our Easter!

Sunday, April 5, 2015

Love Bug

I'm on my computer and I shut the screen down that I was looking at thinking that its time to go to bed and I look and I have Love on my screen giving me a kiss/Duck face and I just sit here and think I love this kid so much I couldn't even explain it or put it into the right words. My love for her is just not describable. I often wondered with everything that happened with her SD (Sperm Donor) if I would have resentment or a small hatred for her at all but I have to say I have never once regretted having her or resented her or anything all I have for this girl is love. She really is my everything and I am so thankful for her and that I am blessed to have her in my life. There is one thing growing up that I told myself I would never do and that was I would never have an abortion. SD told me that I had to have one and I refused. I think about all those women out there who can't have babies my cousin being one of them and I just said to myself when I was younger that I could never do that to her or any other woman out there be given that blessing and then throw it away. I know that people have there reasons for doing it themselves and I will never judge anyone who does do it its not my place this is just how I feel about it. I love my girl more than I thought I could ever love anything. When I wake up in the morning to her whispering mommy, mommy, mommy from her crib and then looking over at her and her yelling MOMMY! like I'm the best thing in the world well the feeling is mutual. I hope that when she is older I can have this great relationship with her like I have with my mother, I also hope that I can show her enough love that she never feels like she missed out on anything with not having a father.

Saturday, April 4, 2015

A Day with my Love Bug!

Today was so much fun I work all the time to provide for Love Bug like every other working mom but I get these awesome days off where I get to spend all day with her. I love these days and so does she! I'm so glad that the weather is finally starting to get nice! The snow is melting and the sun is shinning and its warming up. Love Bug woke up this morning calling me daddy (I hate that she calls me that) and once I corrected her that I was mommy's she would do it just to be funny and laugh. I decided that this morning we didn't have to be anywhere or do anything so we would go and lay in mommy's bed and talk but that lasted a few minutes until it was her nodding at me saying Bubble Guppies, Bubble Guppies. This kid is addicted to Bubble Guppies she even gets excited when she sees the Netflix symbol because she knows that's what I'm about to put on for her. So we watched some Bubble Guppies while mommy had her coffee and Love had her Bottle and then I decided that it was such a nice day that we couldn't waste it being inside so we went for a little walk. I have the hardest time getting Love to hold my hand crossing the road she usually stands on the drive way and refuses and will even through herself on the ground when I try to go and pick her up to cross. Today was a totally different story and it caught me totally off guard. I walked to the end of the drive way as per usual and put my hand out and low and behold Love grabs onto my hand and we cross the road together. Talk about open mouth moment of shock when we got to the other side I praised her and told her how good of a girl she was and she enjoyed that very much and continued to hold my hand walking across the road for the rest of the day!

After our walk it was nap time for Love so I put her down for that and then went and did some of my own work that needed to be done. But then I decided that momma needed a nap too. So Momma took a nap and it was sooo good I don't always get the chance to take advantage of naps so I was very glad to have the chance today.

Today our big adventure was going to the park!! Love had so much fun at the park she loved it especially the slide! she went down the little slide a few billion times. She even had her Ducky go down the slide by himself and sitting right beside her. She went on the teeter totter and laughed her butt off but then got a little nervous about it and wanted off. We then ventured over to the big side the one that curves around. The first time she went down she went with her auntie while I waited at the bottom for them and she had fun with that. On this climber to get to the big slide there are no stairs you have to climb up it on these weird things any ways auntie put Love on the platform and went to climb up but couldn't get up fast enough before Love was sitting at the top of the slide yelling are you ready are you ready and then sliding down to the bottom with the biggest smile on her face all by herself!! She immediately ran over to go back up and slide down. She went down the big slide a few more times and then it was time to go home.

We spent a little more time outside and enjoyed the day. We went in the house and Love had a bath after she went and jumped in a puddle. We watched a few cartoons and of course Bubble Guppies had dinner and then it was bed time. Love said Night Night to everyone and gave out kisses and hugs and then I tucked her into bed she was asleep with in a few minutes.

It was a GREAT day and I can't wait for more days like this!

Friday, April 3, 2015

Fitbit *update* #1

So I figure I'll probably do a few of these just to keep you guys updated on my Fitbit usage and also so you can see my progress with it.
So just yesterday which for you guys would have been a couple days ago I was looking at my Fitbit app and saw that in the sleep settings I had my Fitbit set to normal and there was a setting for sensitive so I decided that I would try sensitive and oh boy what a difference. The first picture is from yesterday's sleep and as you can see it looks like I had a pretty great sleep and wasn't very restless at all which is one reason I wanted a Fitbit so that I could track my sleeping patterns due to the fact that I can have a really long sleep but always wake up tired the next morning. So as I say this I looked at my tracker the last few nights before changing the sensitivity and it just didn't make sense to me that I was only restless for a short amount of time. Then we have the second image which shows my sleep from last night which as you can see looks more accurate. I was restless last night for 80+ min in the night and for big periods of time. The second image is what I had expected to find the first night but due to not having the settings set up properly that didn't happen. so now we will see what happens and if it continues to be accurate. 

Thursday, April 2, 2015

What's in my bag!

So this would be my lovely bag Minus my recently broken shoulder strap. Oh how I miss my should strap I am a messanger bag type girl so I was very sad when it broke but a new one is on its way YAY! I looked for forever to find a bag that I liked and after looking for a while I finally found a bag that I loved on Etsy so I bought it and it lasted 4 years before it got worn enough that I needed a new one so I went back to the same seller and took a look and it just so happened that they were having a sale so I bought this bag which I love it is bigger than my last one and has pockets and zippers and everything. The bags are also good quality!

So what I have in my lovely bag is the following: Honest Company Travel wipes. A couple Honest Company diapers. daiper bags (for when your out and you have a poopy daiper you don't want to smell). Some toddler snacks. First Aid kit with an added pack of graval. A pen. A nail kit key chain. Gum, My wallet of course. Deoderant (for those days you are running behind and forget to put some one before you leave the house). Tums (heart burn sucks). Small sewing kit (not that I actually know how to use it). Hair pins, EOS lip balm. Small key chain flash light. Marker. Glasses case. Headphones. Halls. and finally mittens.

 This is the back pocket of my purse I keep all of the toddler things in there like diapers and snacks and things that way I always know where they are. It also helps me keep track of when I need to restock. 

This is my middle pocket. This is where my main items are such as my wallet. There are also 3 smaller pockets that I put my misc nicknacks. There is also a small zipper pocket that I keep my feminine products.
Finally there is the front pocket which is where I keep my mittens and halls and my business cards and such. Basically all my leftover need to access fast stuff goes here. 

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

June 10th, 2013 Daughters Journal Entry

June 10th, 2013

I have started my countdown 22 more days till we officially get to be together. Everyone is getting excited. Grandma has been helping me go shopping for you which has been fun she's pretty much taken over the role your daddy was supposed to play but I'm glad I have your grandma and grandpa and your auntie too. It will be interesting to see what you call your aunt. I know she just calls you IT and Fetus right now she says it's because it's the only time she will be able to do that. I'm pretty sure she has her heart set on her nickname for you. I don't know that I like it but whatever I already have your nickname which has been well established. I'm pretty sure I have gone and reorganized and cleaned our room a million times at this point. The crib is set up and ready for your arrival. I got you a fish tank sleep musical thingy for the crib so that you see fishies swimming and it soothes you to sleep (fingers crossed). I hope you are a good baby with everything that has gone on during this pregnancy with your father and things I will tell you about when you are older I hope you are a happy healthy baby. I have tried so hard to make it that way. I bought a locket the other day to replace the necklace that your father gave me for my birthday I put that away for you for when you get married in case you want to use it as your something blue. anyways bought a locket that reads I love you to the moon and back and I'm going to put your pictures in it so that I will always have you with me at all times even when you are not. I've been looking for a locket that screamed at me since mid February and I finally had this one scream so hopefully it is as good as it looks and exactly what I want. I'm going today to get my hair done for aunties college graduation which I am going to warn you again about you are to stay cooking until after the 13th we don't want to ruin her day it is very special to her and a big achievement so stay in there and you can come out a couple days after if you're ready. I am hoping that you don't come on a holiday such as Father's day, Canada day or independence day. I want you to have a birthday all to yourself so it's your own special day and I can make it super special for you every year. Anyways we will see when and what you decide.

I Love you so much!


She's so sweet!

Oh what a day today has been! Today my dad asked if L and I wanted to go to the store with him. I of course said yes because your girl loves...