Thursday, March 28, 2019

KETO 6 month + Update!

So I have been Keto since September 21st 2018. I am currently down -36.4lbs YAY! I love Keto It was honestly one of the best decisions I made to switch over to Keto. I was on Weight watchers for a while and the most I lost on that was 15lbs. I also gave up a lot on Weight watchers. Keto I have been enjoying making meals almost every day for my family as they have joined me in this journey. I find once I got used to what I could and couldn't have it got a lot easier to follow to the point where I know what I can eat and the things I can't eat I don't want and if I do want it its ok once in a while to have a little but just get right back on track the next day. I have stalled a couple times where I wouldn't loose any weight for a couple weeks but that seems to be pretty normal. I am not letting stalls get me discouraged I mean loosing 36.4lbs in 6 + months is pretty amazing and I would be a happy camper is in the next 6 + months I lost another -36.4lbs. If I could do that that would mean that in a total of 15 months of Keto I would be at my goal weight. I am totally committed to that. My Clothes fit better I have gone from a size 14 jean to a size 10!! I have lost inches and weight and I feel great. I am also enjoying cooking and experimenting with food. I post most of my food on my instagram page.

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