Monday, April 13, 2015

Get Ready For Splashing!

So the other day Mom and I went shopping for Love because we knew that the warmer weather was starting to arrive and we weren't yet prepared for that as we didn't have running shoes for Love nor did we have a spring jacket and rubber boots. So out we went Mom Sis and I to go shopping for the little turd. We all ended up getting more then what we had gone out for I found a Great sale on Fleece sleepers $2.99 for a fleece sleeper couldn't pass that up so I got a few of those for next winter in a bigger size. I also ended up getting her a few dresses for the summer and some lighter pants and outfits. basically all the money I had saved by not taking my debit to work was spent on new clothes and things for Love. Which I guess if its going to go anywhere its better that it was spent on her then on something stupid. I will say I was a little disappointed when we went shopping we had the hardest time finding things in her size she is currently in 2T and we kept finding cute things and not being able to get them because they weren't in her size. One of those things being the spring jacket and boots that we wanted they only had one and it was way to small so we had to to pick between the lady bug (the one we got) that had a matching set of boots or get a jacket that was very plain and didn't have boots to go with it. All in all we got everything that we wanted to get and had gone out to get. 

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