Thursday, April 2, 2015

What's in my bag!

So this would be my lovely bag Minus my recently broken shoulder strap. Oh how I miss my should strap I am a messanger bag type girl so I was very sad when it broke but a new one is on its way YAY! I looked for forever to find a bag that I liked and after looking for a while I finally found a bag that I loved on Etsy so I bought it and it lasted 4 years before it got worn enough that I needed a new one so I went back to the same seller and took a look and it just so happened that they were having a sale so I bought this bag which I love it is bigger than my last one and has pockets and zippers and everything. The bags are also good quality!

So what I have in my lovely bag is the following: Honest Company Travel wipes. A couple Honest Company diapers. daiper bags (for when your out and you have a poopy daiper you don't want to smell). Some toddler snacks. First Aid kit with an added pack of graval. A pen. A nail kit key chain. Gum, My wallet of course. Deoderant (for those days you are running behind and forget to put some one before you leave the house). Tums (heart burn sucks). Small sewing kit (not that I actually know how to use it). Hair pins, EOS lip balm. Small key chain flash light. Marker. Glasses case. Headphones. Halls. and finally mittens.

 This is the back pocket of my purse I keep all of the toddler things in there like diapers and snacks and things that way I always know where they are. It also helps me keep track of when I need to restock. 

This is my middle pocket. This is where my main items are such as my wallet. There are also 3 smaller pockets that I put my misc nicknacks. There is also a small zipper pocket that I keep my feminine products.
Finally there is the front pocket which is where I keep my mittens and halls and my business cards and such. Basically all my leftover need to access fast stuff goes here. 


  1. you have so many goodies in there! My bag is full of boring old recipes and loose change haha

    Lovely Little Rants

    1. Ya I try to keep it well stocked you never know when your going to need something lol!


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