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June 10th, 2013 Daughters Journal Entry

June 10th, 2013

I have started my countdown 22 more days till we officially get to be together. Everyone is getting excited. Grandma has been helping me go shopping for you which has been fun she's pretty much taken over the role your daddy was supposed to play but I'm glad I have your grandma and grandpa and your auntie too. It will be interesting to see what you call your aunt. I know she just calls you IT and Fetus right now she says it's because it's the only time she will be able to do that. I'm pretty sure she has her heart set on her nickname for you. I don't know that I like it but whatever I already have your nickname which has been well established. I'm pretty sure I have gone and reorganized and cleaned our room a million times at this point. The crib is set up and ready for your arrival. I got you a fish tank sleep musical thingy for the crib so that you see fishies swimming and it soothes you to sleep (fingers crossed). I hope you are a good baby with everything that has gone on during this pregnancy with your father and things I will tell you about when you are older I hope you are a happy healthy baby. I have tried so hard to make it that way. I bought a locket the other day to replace the necklace that your father gave me for my birthday I put that away for you for when you get married in case you want to use it as your something blue. anyways bought a locket that reads I love you to the moon and back and I'm going to put your pictures in it so that I will always have you with me at all times even when you are not. I've been looking for a locket that screamed at me since mid February and I finally had this one scream so hopefully it is as good as it looks and exactly what I want. I'm going today to get my hair done for aunties college graduation which I am going to warn you again about you are to stay cooking until after the 13th we don't want to ruin her day it is very special to her and a big achievement so stay in there and you can come out a couple days after if you're ready. I am hoping that you don't come on a holiday such as Father's day, Canada day or independence day. I want you to have a birthday all to yourself so it's your own special day and I can make it super special for you every year. Anyways we will see when and what you decide.

I Love you so much!


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