Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Going to school, turning 4 and life

In Just a few more months L will be going for her first day of school! Aww my little girl is growing up so fast I can't believe it. In only 3 days she is going to be a 4 year old! How did this happen!? I know how it happened I just mean that time has gone so fast. I can remember holding her when she was first born and thinking to myself that school and her being 4 was so far away boy was I wrong. She is a pretty Special person that I can say for sure. She is very very friendly when it comes to other kids and can make friends within a minute of meeting them. I'm hoping thats a good sign for when she starts school. She knows her full name and can verbally spell her first and last name and can write her first name and we are just working on her last name. She can tell you what my name is and where she lives and even what country she lives in.

She is counting down the days this morning she woke up and goes mommy theres only 3 more days till my birthday! My dad and I went out last night and bought some party supplies, She has been asking for a unicorn piƱata like a crazy person so of course as a good mother I went and got her one. Unfortunately they were all out of unicorn balloons so we just got a giant 4. I so excited to celebrate her birthday with her this year we aren't totally celebrating it on her actual birthday but the day after and we have family and friends coming out to our cabin that we are renting for the weekend. She doesn't know that everyone is coming out yet. I'm hoping to surprise her as she has been asking people to come and hide with the lights out and she will walk in and we will surprise her haha what a kid.

Tomorrow my life may change for the better! I go for my driving test tomorrow and I'm super excited about it and just can't wait to be able to just go whenever I want. I think it is going to open up the summer for L an I to get out and do a lot more and have some fun. I think it will also help with business as well. Thats something I'm looking forward to. It's actually funny for me because I really am not nervous about the test or driving in general but I know before I even started driving it scared the crap out of me. Now I am not nervous at all. I just got back from my lesson today and she thinks I'm going to do well on the test tomorrow so that makes me feel good tomorrow we will go out again and do another drive and then I have my test. Wish me Luck!!

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