Monday, July 17, 2017

Weight Watchers Week 1

Week 1 Back on WW! I have done weight watchers a few times before and was successful one of those times but only successful by 10lbs and then I was stuck. I have never really lost more than that on the program. So Since January I have gained way to much weight I mean like 50lbs almost and have been really depressed and just not doing very well for for myself and I needed to change things. I still had a WW account as I had resigned up a little while back but wasn't at all successful. So Last Monday I weighed myself joined a competition with some other ladies on Facebook and started tracking again. I tracked every day and ate really well I cut all sugar out of my diet. I don't even have it in my coffee anymore and I used to have 2 in my coffee. I went for a walk everyday to try and get myself moving more and I started eating 3 meals a day plus snacks. I feel really good and my family has even noticed a change in my mood.

To day was weigh in day for my first week and I am down -4.8lbs !! I was so excited to see that number. I have 102 lbs to goal and that just knocked me down to 97.2 lbs to Goal. I can't wait to finally get to my goal weight. I have been 20lbs from my goal weight before but came up short and gained a bunch back. This time I am going to make it and this time I am going to Do a weekly check in and update on here to keep myself going hopefully.

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