Monday, July 24, 2017

Weight Watchers Week #2

This week was defiantly more of a challenge. I did so well week one and this week just got the better of me. It's no excuse but this week was extremely busy. I tried to eat my 3 meals a day the best I could but it didn't happen everyday. We ate out a lot more this week which also didn't help I tried to eat the best I could while eating out things with mostly vegetables. I did indulge a couple days this week and there was a day where I just about gave up and had a Peanut buster parfait from Dairy queen which would have been a whooping  35sp. I opted to have nothing and fight the urge which I felt really good about later.

I didn't do any exercise this week except for trying to keep up with my steps. I did notice this week that I have felt more tired than I have lately. I have also felt sick after eating certain foods this week.  

So this week was a little bit of a crap shoot but I weighed in this morning and was down -1.4 lbs. I'm sure if I had stuck to it more then I would have lost more. This week I will try harder and stick to the plan better and see what the outcome is. 

Week 2 -1.4 lbs 

Total loss -6.2 lbs 

95.8 lbs left till goal!! 

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