Friday, July 6, 2018

5th Birthday!!

I can't believe it my child is 5 years old!! Where has the time gone? I can remember the day she was born like it was yesterday It's amazing that she is already 5 and it is so weird for me to say that to be honest. I have to say I am loving this age so far she is the coolest kid I know and I know it's biased as I'm her mom but she really is an awesome kid.

For L's 5th birthday I thought about having her classmates for a party but decided after a lot of thinking about it and looking a finances that we were just going to do a family and close friends party this year and next year I will plan for a kids party with her school friends.

We had her Birthday party this year on Canada day so when we do this we always do it earlier in the day so that everyone can go do their own thing later on and go see the fireworks or what not. We ended up having a pool party at the house which worked out really well as it was crazy hot out that day. My sister had gotten a bull floaty for the pool a few weeks earlier and we had it set up for that day and let me tell you it was super fun and the family loved it. There were battles to see who could ride the bull the longest.

Her Birthday was of course Unicorn themed as she is currently obsessed with unicorns and horses. We bought all unicorn decorations we could find including a blow up full size unicorn gliding balloon that L got a kick out of. I even bought Unicorn wrapping paper for her presents I got her.

Normally every year since L's first birthday my sister has made her birthday cake and it has been awesome as my sister is a pastry chef so it always worked out great and looked awesome. Unfortunately this year my sister was unable to make the cake and had to work on L's birthday so I had to either go and buy a cake from somewhere else or make it myself. I ended up buying a box cake and L and I spent the night before her birthday making her birthday cake together. L loved this and thought it was so fun to do. After L went to bed I threw together some decorations for the cake and made it look the best I could. She loved it the next morning! Mommy for the win!

All in all it was a great day and L had lots of fun and ended up thanking me for having a great party for her!


  1. Happy Birthday L!
    My youngest will be 5 in September. I'm not crying...
    Great job on the cake. I wouldn't have the guts to try. LOL
    Following from Google+

    1. I'm loving 5 to be honest! Thank you! I wasn't sure it would work out my backup was going to be a store bought cake if it didn't work out lol


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