Monday, July 2, 2018

Swimming lessons!

As a kid I grew up with my grandparents having a pool we used to ride our bikes over in the summer and go swimming all the time Grandma and Grandpa's was the place to be especially on those really hot days. I taught myself to swim with the help of my parents and only had swimming lessons in Grade 4 as part of our class.

So when it came to our pool we have at our house and L I had to decide what to do if I would just work with her and teach her how to swim myself, put her into a group swim class or get her private lessons.

I always thought that I would just teach her myself and that she would just start learning as she has been while we use the pool all summer which if she has anything to do with it we will be in the pool every day! I knew I didn't want to do a group swimming class I didn't think she would learn as much as she would be trying to show off or play with the other kids around her. So I had decided that swimming lessons weren't happening at this time and I would teach her.

Walking home the other day from school with L and I happened to notice a sign and I stood there and read it with L yelling at me to hurry up. The sign was for private in backyard swimming lessons! Honestly how perfect L could learn one on one and in her own pool! I took a picture of the poster and headed home. Later that night after L was in bed I pulled my phone out to look at the poster again. I looked up the website that was listed and read all about the program.

The program is set up through the red cross so If L does the required amount of lessons and passes she would have a swimming certification which I thought was pretty cool. On the poster it also had a coupon code for your first lesson which I also thought was awesome. They have a selection between 3 lesson types 30 min, 45min and 60min sessions. They were all reasonably priced as well in my mind!

So I signed the kiddo up and she will have her first lesson in a few days!!

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