Monday, July 9, 2018

A Weekend with 2

This week I haven't been feeling the greatest between allergies a slight cold and late nights and just feeling like utter crap I have been feeling pretty drained. I'm trying to keep up with everything and so far its been going ok there is room for improvement but all in all its going well.

This weekend I offered to watch my friends little guy who is just a year younger then L and they are pretty much best friends. We call them boyfriend and girlfriend because they are just the cutest together. They also play really really well together which makes the whole thing super nice!

I wasn't sure what we were going to eat for lunch and dinner today as I would have both kids for both eating periods of the day. I ended up ordering myself a small pizza and got them chicken bites and fries and at the request of my kiddo potato wedges as well. The food got here super quick which was really nice L didn't want any nuggets and only ate fries and wedges and G ate 1 nugget (I gave him 3). They are both picky eaters but usually eat pretty well in each others company but they just weren't feeling it today.

We spent the morning playing and watching Noddy and had lunch and then after lunch we watched 2 more episodes of Noddy and the went outside for a swim in the pool. This was the fun part G took no time to get in the pool and was having a blast while my child who has only had one swimming lesson and now thinks she's a mermaid refused to put on and wear her puddle jumper in the pool. I made a deal with her that she could do 3 of her mermaid swims and then she had to put on her jumper she did and then the fight began. Finally I was able to put it on her and she proceeded to sit one the step to the pool for the next 20 min whining. I finally decided to see if she would jump into the deep end of the pool and joked around with her she jumped in a couple times and then all was good with the world.

The kids spent 2 hours in the pool and then decided they had had enough and were ready to go in so we did. we had a bit more of our lunch for dinner and the rest of the day the kids just wanted to play family/house in the living room and watch more Noddy so thats what they did and I sat at the kitchen table and worked. All in all it was a great day with only one melt down from my own child!

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