Monday, July 16, 2018

Restaurant single mom struggle!

I don't know if this only happens to me or if it happens to others but I feel like I need to make a sign! When I go out to dinner or lunch with L I usually try to bring someone with me because I always hate when L has to go to the washroom and we have to leave the table empty. We don't go out to dinner or lunch just the 2 of us 1 because I just don't have the money to do that all the time and 2 because every time we go alone something happens!

The other day L and I went for lunch and L picked the restaurant because she likes the food. Everything is going well our waitress is great. I ordered a pasta and L ordered a pizza. We get our food and start eating. L has about 3 bites of her pizza and is colouring her picture that she's super proud of and I eat my pasta watching her and encouraging her to eat more.

I have eaten about half of my pasta and L has still only eaten those 3 bites of her pizza and she decides she needs to use the washroom because she isn't feeling well. So I grab my bag and make sure my waitress sees that we are going to the washroom and to the washroom we go. We have left the table for all of maybe 5 min if that and when we come back the manager is clearing the table!

She had thrown L's piece of pizza into my pasta and crumpled up Ls picture took all of our drinks. I walked up and said "excuse me we weren't done we just went to the washroom" She started panicing I'm pretty sure she was embarassed as well She commented that no one had stopped her and she was so sorry! She asked if she could get me another pasta but I didn't want to wait for another one to be made. L started having a fit because her pictures was gone and I honestly just wanted the bill and to leave at this point.

The waitress brought the bill they ended up taking 25% off the bill which only amounted to about $4.00. I thought they should have done more than that but I didn't argue as I said I just wanted to leave.

This isn't the first time this has happened to us. As I said in the beginning I feel like I need to make or buy a sign that says just going to the washroom don't touch our table!

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