Friday, July 13, 2018

An Interview With 5 Year Old L

Who is your Favourite Super hero and why?

- Super Girl and Wonder Woman are my favourite because I love their super powers and they are awesome!

What is your Favourite season?

- I can't pick I love them all! They are all my favourite seasons I can't pick just one!

If you could give yourself a new name what would it be?

- I would be Rosie I love the name and it is beautiful!

What is your favourite movie?

- Home is my favourite movie I could watch it over and over!

What is your favourite song?

- Look what you made me do by Taylor Swift

What is your favourite colour?

- Pink, Purple and Grey!!!

What is your favourite memory?

- My favourite memory was going to the Zoo! It was so much fun I loved seeing the Zebras and Giraffes!

What is your greatest wish?

- My Greatest wish is a Unicorn and bouncy castle!!!

What do you want to be when you grow up?

- I want to be a Shimmer and Shine when I grow up I would really like to be the blue one!

Are you afraid of anything?

- I am afraid of ghosts and monsters in the dark!!

What is your favourite Holiday?

- I love all the holidays they are all my favourite because our family gets together!

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