Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Orb Molecules *Wednesday Reviews*

Orb Molecules! To be honest I had never heard of these before I believe they are pretty new and came out around Christmas. L got 2 boxes of them for her birthday and she had been begging me for a few days to use them but I really didn't know what they were and thought it was going to make a huge mess that this momma wasn't in the mood to have to clean up. So I went onto youtube just to see what they were and watched a video on them and was surprised to see how cool they were. Link to youtube video

After watching a bit of the video L was happy to get the ok from me to open up her Molecules and get to playing! let me tell you my kid had the biggest smile on her face as she started playing with her toy! 

when you open the box the Molecules are separated by colour in a plastic container they aren't sealed in in any way just in the plastic container. One of the things that I really like about these is that unlike things like playdough that we regularly have to throw out because someone forgets to seal the containers totally or leaves it out Orb Molecules don't dry out they stay mouldable at all times! That means that there is no need to be in a sealed container. If they get left out accidentally you can keep using them with no issue. 
The other great thing about these are that they only stick to themselves they don't stick to your table or fingers or anything. You can build them by using big lumps of molecules or you can use one Molecule at a time and build up from there! They are little beads almost like a styrofoam ball stuck together by a sticky substance that doesn't leave a residue.  They don't come with instructions on how to build the characters in shows on the box you basically just create what every you want and create the character on the box to the best of your ability.
I really liked how creative this product can let L be. She started all on her own to make the monster on the box starting with the eyes which I was impressed she did so well for a 5 year old. She even added other colours and said it was the monsters makeup. She ended up making the head of the monster but then we got interrupted by dinner. Since then she keeps going back to build more things and play with it! 

All in all my final conclusion. This is a great product and I really like it! I would highly recommend it to anyone with older kids who love to be creative. Orb Molecules for the win!!

Mastermind toys link to Orb Molecules

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