Wednesday, July 4, 2018


I received NESCAFÉ Sweet & Creamy instant coffee packets in the mail as a sample and I thought what better than to try them out and do my review on them and what I think for my Wednesday review so here it is!

I got 3 packets in my sample pack Sweet & Creamy Original, Sweet & Creamy Mocha and Sweet & Creamy French Vanilla.

The main thing I loved about these was the fact that I didn't need to add anything to them other than the packets and hot water. They were quick and easy to use and if you only have access to some hot water then these are perfect for you!

So the one down fall to these is that if you don't drink sugar in your coffee you aren't going to like these. They were a little too sweet for some of my family members who also tried them out. I enjoyed my first cup of Nescafe coffee after I received these in the mail  I went and bought a box of the coffee ones. I have used them a few more times and also let my mom and dad try them as well to see what they thought. My dad and I didn't find them too bad yes they were a little sweet but it was coffee and it did the job and tasted fine note both my dad and I used to drink our coffees with sugar or sweetener. My mom on the other hand has never drank her coffee with sugar or sweetener and she very much disliked this coffee and couldn't drink more then a few sips of it.

So all in all they aren't bad for people who drink coffee with sugar and milk/cream. If you drink coffee black or with just milk or cream then this isn't the coffee for you.

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