Monday, April 3, 2017

Bedtime accidents

Aww my poor baby! L took forever to potty train she pretty much refused to for a while and that was fine I just kinda went with it tried to get her to try using the potty it was a no go. Finally just one day it clicked for her and she was done with pull ups. She has only had 2 accidents since that day and those were at daycare. When it came to bedtime I tried to give her a little more leeway with it and kept her in a pull up for a few months after she was fully Day trained. I started to notice that she wasn't having any accidents in her pull ups she was getting up in the middle of the night to use the potty it was all good behaviours that I was looking for her to start. So pull ups are now a thing of the past in this house. I do put an accident pad on her bed underneath her sheets just in case but I have only had to change it once and that was tonight. My poor girl came crying to me so defeated she had peed the bed. Poor thing was balling her eyes out she was so upset at herself. I told her it was ok and that accidents happen because they do accidents happen. It was probably my fault anyway we had stayed out later than normal and she was pretty tired and we forgot to get her to go pee before bed. My sister heard her crying and came to help. We took her wet cloths off her gave her a quick bath which she was also upset about and cried the entire time. I changed her sheets peeled the bed pad off which I still have residue stuck on my fingers from how sticky it was. Jammie's changed bed cleaned and she's asleep within minutes. I felt so bad for her but I knew there was no reason to get mad her for it what good would that do. Live and Learn! We will definitely be making sure that we go pee before bed every night and I may move the potty closer to her bed so there is less distance between the 2.

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