Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Movie in the sky!

As kids growing up my parents would always surprise my sister and I with going to "the movie in the sky", The drive in and we thought it was the coolest thing in the world we still do! I have been excited since L was born to take L to the drive in for the first time it is one of my fondest memories as a kid and I wanted L to have those memories of her own. So last summer my sister and I decided that we would take L to the drive in the first chance we got.

Instead of just going to the drive in we decided to make a day of it we went and got dinner and then we went early to the drive in and got a good spot. We then proceeded to go play mini putt that was attached to the drive in. so basically that day we did 2 things for the first time with L Drive in and mini Putt. The day we chose to go there really wasn't any real kid movies like animated ones so we ended up going and seeing Alice through the looking glass and Avengers. We made a bed in the back of my sisters truck with a blow up mattress and pillows and blankets. It was pretty comfy thats for sure. L was super excited for the whole night.

At this point we were trying to get L to potty train but she wasn't really into it yet and was still in pull ups. We were near the end of the first movie and L yelled I HAVE TO GO POTTY! So we ran into the concession and went to the potty and she actually went! I was so excited that we went and got her a treat on the way out. She ended up going potty again on the potty 2 more times that night.

By the second movie we were all pretty tired L had fallen asleep and I wasn't far behind her. I still haven't seen the end of the second movie or the middle really. I ended up waking up in the middle of the credits with L cuddled up next to me in the back of the truck she had drooled all over the front of my shirt. She slept all while I put her in her car seat and all the way home until the next morning.

I will never forget my girls face that day and how happy and excited she was. When I look back at the pictures you can see the twinkle in her eyes and the happiness.

She can't wait till the summer so we can go back and I can't either!

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