Thursday, April 27, 2017

Daycare no more!

So L only has a couple days left and then she is done with Daycare. I have such mixed feelings about this I took the plunge this year and a lot of things are changing for us I went full time with my business. So I stay home all day and work from home. L has gone to daycare since she was 1 and full time since she was 2. I feel like My daycare has raised her more than I have which is a very weird think to think and I kind of hate that I think that. It's basically the same as a kid being in school the teachers have your kids all day so they are the ones taking care of your children.

The plan was that at the end of June L would be done daycare and I would have her home with me for 2 months before she starts school in September. This is no longer the plan as Daycare needs to let her go now. So I will have L home with me full time for 4 months instead of 2 which in all honesty is fine with me. L is such a good kid and I'm looking forward to spending time with her and doing things.

The other thing that will be really nice is saving money Daycare is so expensive and I have L in one of the cheaper daycares but I end up paying $700 a month. I am looking forward to not having to fork that out each month and hopefully we can put that money away instead. Hopefully that will bring us closer to our goal of buying our own home.

I have a bunch of things planned for the first few weeks of no Daycare. L has been wanting to go to the library for a little while now so I think I will probably take her there one day next week. She loves books and reading so it could be pretty fun.

I also have a plan for us to go to a local indoor playground we have here which she loves. If we go in the morning between 10-12 They have a discount and free coffee so that's a bonus! I'm also going to see if L's little boy friend and his mom can go as well to make it more fun for her. We will see!

It's going to be different and fun all in one. I'm working on getting things organized and planned in the fact that I want to start doing a chore chart and rewards system with L. I was going to do it with a money reward but have since decided that I am going to do a ticket reward system. she earns so many tickets depending on what the task is and then She can cash in her ticket for certain rewards that will have different ticket costs. Its still a work in progress.

Wish us luck!

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