Monday, June 25, 2018

Potty Training struggle at 4yrs

There are days where I sit down in a room alone and throw my hands up in the air and scream inside with frustration. I have heard so many stories of parents that have amazing potty training experiences or that it took a while but once they got it they were good to go and no more issues. Well this isn't the case for us ours is a little different from most that I have heard of.

It took forever for L to be potty trained don't get me wrong I started trying to train her at 2 1/2 but she refused. finally when she was 3 she started to get it and was doing really well she was going all day and night with no accidents and was doing great. She was out of diapers and pull ups and wearing her big girl underwear to daycare at home and to bed. We had finally rid our house of Diapers and I was so happy it was so much easier. Well a few months after she was potty trained and things were going well she got kicked out of daycare because our daycare wanted to take a kid that was going to be staying as we were going to be leaving in a few months as L was going to be starting school, No big deal I work from home so I made it work.

Well that first week home was horrible its like a switch went off and my child forgot everything about being potty trained she peed her pants at least 8 times the first day! 8 FRIGGIN TIMES!! She wasn't having accidents at night just during the day. I had no idea what to do about it I tried putting her on time outs but felt bad because I wasn't sure if she knew what was happening with her body maybe she didn't know that she had to pee maybe there was something wrong with her that she couldn't control it.

Time went on and she got a little better but we were still having random accidents every once in a while which I didn't totally get angry at as she was only just 4. finally we got back to where we were no accidents everything was good. Dun Dun Dun!! School started and so did the peeing of pants. I ended up making a deal with her that if she could go the whole month without having an accident that she could get a hatchimal (something she had been begging me for). The month came and went and she did pretty good she had one accident and I let it slid as it really wasn't her fault. All was good again or was it?

Fast forward a few more months and she started having accidents again! Like what is going on with this kid she has always been good with not peeing the bed and for some reason one week she peed every single night and not just a little pee like a lot of pee. She was having 2 accidents at least twice a week at school and I was struggling trying to understand her. I ended up making a drs appointment to go get her checked out as I was at a loss. We went and got asked a bunch of questions they ran some tests to see if she had an infection or something else wrong with her. We then went and she had an Xray to see if she had a blockage. Nothing, Nothing was wrong that the Dr could find so he told me he was going to refer me to a Paediatrician. Well that was in march and we still haven't gotten a call.

As of today L is in goodnights at night because she's not comfortable going without them at night now as she fears she's going to have an accident  which I totally get. During the day she has gotten a bit better but she is still having accidents at least once a week.  So at this point I'm at a loss and struggling to figure out what to do with her or how to get this under control. Maybe its something that we just need to wait out. I'm hoping that I can get a handle on it during the summer and we can get back on track.

Thanks so much if you have read this far! Please if you have any insight or suggestions Comment below because I'm going to loose my mind!

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