Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Updates and other stuff!

Well it's been a hot minute since I was on here and actually posted something. It's crazy how fast time goes by and you don't even notice its going so quickly and then it slaps you in the face. These last few months have been crazy for me hence why I haven't been on here much lately and haven't written on her much either. I have been trying to make some changes in my life which I have had ongoing for as long as I can remember. I have gotten myself a personal trainer she comes once a week to my house and trains me for 30 min. Let me tell you she doesn't let me off easy this girl is making me sweat. I am working on getting myself back into eating better which is really a hit or miss most days some days I'm really good at it and then others I'm horrible but what else is new. I have been working on keeping my cardio up between training sessions by doing 30 min walks or swimming and other random things to keep me moving.

L is and has gotten so much bigger in the last few months and I can't get over the fact that in 2 weeks she is going to be 5 years old. I feel like it was yesterday that she was born I can still remember the day so clearly like it happened yesterday. L and I share a room and up until last month she was sleeping in a toddler bed and I was in a double so we had to figure out how we were going to fit the 2 of us in the same room together while still giving us enough space to live in the room. The only logical thing was to get a bunk bed! L is the happiest kid in the world right now hahaha. So I a 28 year old just got my first bunk bed and let me tell you I'm not complaining I friggin love the thing. I find I am getting so much more work done since we got it. It's like my own little space that I just sit in and work in any time of the day and night. It really has changed a lot of things and our room is so much cleaner and organized.

My plan for the next few posts which I am fingers crossed bit my tongue going to be posting on here again more frequently. I have a few product reviews I am planning on doing. I am thinking I am wanting to do some sort of weekly update on whats going on in our world and a few other posts that I have yet to come up with.

SO until next time!!

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