Monday, April 6, 2015

Easter Sunday!

Easter Sunday! So I did have a post ready to go but thought that I would push that for another day considering it is Easter Sunday today and that in itself is a post that should be done the day after. I was excited for this Easter because Love is a little older and a little more understanding of it than she was last year. We had our big family Easter dinner Saturday night. The one thing I love about holidays is that my family always gets together for them and have dinner together! I love family time, I love my family! My Grandparents are getting older and unfortunately my one grandmother has terminal cancer but she was able to come for Easter dinner and visit with the family. She is exhausted now but we are all happy she was here for it including her. Friday night Love wasn't feeling too well so we had only gotten about 3 hours sleep so I was pretty Exhausted Saturday but didn't have the opportunity to sleep at all before family came over  so I was very very ill that night. Sunday morning we all slept in as Love went to bed later than normal and slept in a bit. We got out of bed and went down stairs while the Easter Bunnies helper (My Mom) made sure all the Easter stuff was ready. Love got spoiled! The first thing she went for was the bag of mini kinder eggs which we had to cut her off from cause she kept asking for more. We didn't really do much the rest of the day we were pretty lazy and I Still wasn't feeling up to par. I stayed home while the rest of the family went out for dinner. That in a  nutshell was our Easter!

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