Friday, April 17, 2015

Allergy Testing...

Lets just say this has been a very long day! So today My sis and I took Love to get Allergy tested. The day after her first birthday she had a sever hives reaction to her cake she was covered in hives from head to toe. Luckily I had benadryl in the house and quickly gave it to her and took her down to the kids emerg. So from that almost a year later we finally got in to see the allergist to see if she is in fact allergic to the things we have kept her from such as eggs and oats. So we went in to the clinic and Love started saying Phil, Phil because we watch Dr. Phil and she is obsessed with him so we had to tell her that we are at a different Dr.'s. At this point Love hates the Dr.'s we have had to make so many visits to them in the last almost 2 years that she has a meltdown every time! hence why I take someone with me to help keep her calm.
 We got put into a room and the Student Dr. Came in and started getting Love's History. We then were moved into another room where the Dr. came in and talked to me and asked me a few more questions and then we decided on what they were going to test her for and we decided they would test to see if she is allergic to eggs and oats. These are 2 things that she has had issues with in the past.
 They put liquid egg and liquid oats on her arm and then pricked her with a needle and we waited.
If she was allergic to anything it would look like a mosquito bite on her arm if she was severely allergic it would be a mosquito bite with redness around it and it would be larger. The oats came up positive and the eggs came up severely allergic.

So Love is severely allergic to Eggs to the point that they gave us an epipen for her. This is going to be a struggle but we are going to make it work I have always be cautious of eggs with her but they say that she can't have any baked good and things with eggs in them that means no pastas that are made with eggs no mayo nothing. We even have to be cautious with the flu shot!  So in another year we go back for more tests Love will be so excited! NOT!

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