Saturday, April 4, 2015

A Day with my Love Bug!

Today was so much fun I work all the time to provide for Love Bug like every other working mom but I get these awesome days off where I get to spend all day with her. I love these days and so does she! I'm so glad that the weather is finally starting to get nice! The snow is melting and the sun is shinning and its warming up. Love Bug woke up this morning calling me daddy (I hate that she calls me that) and once I corrected her that I was mommy's she would do it just to be funny and laugh. I decided that this morning we didn't have to be anywhere or do anything so we would go and lay in mommy's bed and talk but that lasted a few minutes until it was her nodding at me saying Bubble Guppies, Bubble Guppies. This kid is addicted to Bubble Guppies she even gets excited when she sees the Netflix symbol because she knows that's what I'm about to put on for her. So we watched some Bubble Guppies while mommy had her coffee and Love had her Bottle and then I decided that it was such a nice day that we couldn't waste it being inside so we went for a little walk. I have the hardest time getting Love to hold my hand crossing the road she usually stands on the drive way and refuses and will even through herself on the ground when I try to go and pick her up to cross. Today was a totally different story and it caught me totally off guard. I walked to the end of the drive way as per usual and put my hand out and low and behold Love grabs onto my hand and we cross the road together. Talk about open mouth moment of shock when we got to the other side I praised her and told her how good of a girl she was and she enjoyed that very much and continued to hold my hand walking across the road for the rest of the day!

After our walk it was nap time for Love so I put her down for that and then went and did some of my own work that needed to be done. But then I decided that momma needed a nap too. So Momma took a nap and it was sooo good I don't always get the chance to take advantage of naps so I was very glad to have the chance today.

Today our big adventure was going to the park!! Love had so much fun at the park she loved it especially the slide! she went down the little slide a few billion times. She even had her Ducky go down the slide by himself and sitting right beside her. She went on the teeter totter and laughed her butt off but then got a little nervous about it and wanted off. We then ventured over to the big side the one that curves around. The first time she went down she went with her auntie while I waited at the bottom for them and she had fun with that. On this climber to get to the big slide there are no stairs you have to climb up it on these weird things any ways auntie put Love on the platform and went to climb up but couldn't get up fast enough before Love was sitting at the top of the slide yelling are you ready are you ready and then sliding down to the bottom with the biggest smile on her face all by herself!! She immediately ran over to go back up and slide down. She went down the big slide a few more times and then it was time to go home.

We spent a little more time outside and enjoyed the day. We went in the house and Love had a bath after she went and jumped in a puddle. We watched a few cartoons and of course Bubble Guppies had dinner and then it was bed time. Love said Night Night to everyone and gave out kisses and hugs and then I tucked her into bed she was asleep with in a few minutes.

It was a GREAT day and I can't wait for more days like this!

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