Sunday, April 19, 2015


I find it very disappointing when you go out of your way to plan a party for your best friend who is pregnant and after inviting over 20 people and having people RSVP only one person shows up. I had all of this food thinking that roughly 10 or more people were going to be here and I had to have my friend walk in to a surprise baby shower with one guest. Talk about feeling jousted. I even had one guest text me to tell me she would be late and making an excuse but then never responding to my messages only to find out my mom and sister saw her walking around town with her boyfriend. Seriously no respect for people who can't just say they don't want to come. All in all I'm a very pissed off person. Not just for myself but I felt so bad for my friend how shitty is it to have someone throw you a shower and no one shows up for you. I was trying to do a nice thing and feel like I would have been better off not doing anything. 

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