Monday, April 17, 2017

Easter Weekend

This weekend was Easter weekend! The Easter bunny started gathering things for L a few months ago as He didn't want her to get a bunch of chocolate. L was super excited that the Easter bunny was coming to the house.

This Easter was a little different for our family as this is the first year that my grandmother wasn't there (She passed away last year) and My grandfather is now in a home. My cousins also went to Disney this year so really Easter this year was very very small.

We ended up going out to dinner on Saturday night with the family we did have in town there was about 9 of us all together. L was the only child there and boy was she cranky! Basically every little thing made her go off crying. I feel like she practises crying in the mirror so that she can perfect it.

Easter morning L was up at 7am wanting to see what the Easter bunny brought her. I ended up getting her to stay in bed for another hour before she got to go see. She was so excited to see that the bunny had eaten her carrots and drank her water. We told her to see what the bunny brought her which was on the table beside her plate. She walked right past her stuff and walked into the living room looking for her stuff like there was going to be a tree with presents underneath as if it was Christmas. We had to call her back to the table to see her stuff.

Once L looked at her Easter basket we got ready and piled into the car. We went out to Brunch with my grandmother. L ended up eating mostly Strawberries and bacon. Brunch was pretty good they had a bit of everything. After brunch we went for a drive out in the country and just talked until L and I fell asleep in the back seat. I'm pretty sure pictures were taken I haven't seen them yet though.

When we got back to the house L went for some quiet time and then we went outside to play a little as there was a really nice warm breeze. Later on we went down stairs where the Easter bunny had left some eggs for L to find She sat at the bottom of the stairs telling us that she was sooooo excited and had the biggest smile on her face.

All in all it was a good weekend and L was very sad this morning that it was all over.

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