Thursday, April 6, 2017

My Child is Nuts!

My child is nuts she's adorable and funny but she can be a nutso! We went to my sisters soccer game last night to watch her play because L wanted to go so badly she was jumping up and down in my face begging me to go so I gave in. L was in awe of the big soccer dome we walked into it was huge! We went and sat down on the bleachers near the field where My sister was playing and that when the nut cake came out.

We were sitting on the bleachers by ourselves for the first little bit. There is loose netting all around the field so that if a ball comes flying off the field it can stop it before it hits people. L was very hyper and I had a hard time getting her to stay in one spot which I didn't mind at the beginning as long as she was staying with in the perimeters I had given her. She went from the top bleacher to the bottom and back up to the top and was moving all around. She was jumping off of them and sliding on her belly on them.

My kid is a relatively good kid and listens most of the time.

People came and sat on the top bleacher behind us so I tried to reel L back in and keep her in a smaller space while watching the soccer game preparing for the ball to come towards us. At one point L starts yelling Daddy, Daddy, Daddy which she doesn't have and doesn't even know who her daddy is so I told her to stop being silly. After that a gentleman and 2 teenage boys come walking by us and L jumps out and growls at them scaring the gentleman and making him jump. In my head I'm laughing but mortified at the same time and I quickly told her not to do that that it was not nice.

By the end of the game she was using me as her personal jungle gym. Lets just say I was happy when the game was over but I'm also glad she had fun and I get that it's super boring for a 3 yr old to sit and watch a game so I don't fault her for that.

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