Tuesday, April 4, 2017


So this weekend we did something that L has been  dying to do since forever! We went to GYMNASTICS!! L's face was ear to ear smile and she was jumping up to down saying gippy gippy cause thats how she says Yippy and its the funniest thing. I have never seen my kid so happy it was really awesome.

This weekend was open gym day for kids to come to the gym and try it out go on the equipment and see if they like it and to be active. I was surprised at how brave L was and how much upper body strength she has that I didn't even know she has. The best part for me other than L's excitement was that it was FREE!

I was very happy with L and how well she did at the gym. There were some kids that were running around the gym wild running in front of kids and not waiting there turns even older kids, L stuck to the gym rules which was one kid at a time on the equipment, she waited her turn to go on it all and was just over all good.

In the gym they have a the big ropes hanging from the ceiling for kids to climb up and swing on L ran straight to it when she first saw another kid use it and swing from one block to another she HAD to do it as well. She waited in the line and when it was her turn she held on to the rope and freaked out slightly and then threw herself over the edge of the block to the next one. She proceeded to do this non stop for a good 10 minutes if not more.

L's next great feat was the trampoline. She has been on a trampoline before and loves jumping but the trampoline at this gym you can see through it all the way to the ground below and that scared her. I ended up having to go on it to show her that it was ok to go on. She ended up sitting down on the mat on the edge and slowly creeping onto the trampoline by herself she then stood up and started jumping and that was the end of it she wasn't scared anymore and kept going back to jump on it over and over.

We ended up staying at the open gym the entire time they were open so just over 2 hours and let me tell you when they hung up that giant rope tears were shed and my girl was pissed. L ended up huddled in the corner crying 1 because she was exhausted and 2 because she absolutely did not want to leave.

NOW I have to figure out how to make it work for her to go to gymnastics and actually learn cause she loved it so much and I think it would be great for her. It is now on my todo list of things that I need to figure out in life. It seems to be getting longer and longer haha.

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