Friday, April 21, 2017

I'm That Mom

I don't know about you but I am totally that mom that documents everything when it comes to my kid being sick. I have pictures of every rash she has had since she was an infant. I have notes on my phone of temperatures that she has had and at what times. I am that anal mom who takes 20 pictures of rashes and things on my kid to show the Drs just in case.

My kiddo has had a few rashes in her days she's almost 4 and has had hives, postviral rash, eczema rash, severe bum rash, some bacterial rash I can't remember the name of from when she had a severe  runny nose, and she's also had a blister rash from amoxicillin. To many rashes if you ask me. I'm sure I'm probably forgetting a few in there as well.

This week has been fun L yesterday was complaining that she was feeling very cold. My sister noticed that she was radiating heat as she was sitting beside her so when we got home from dinner I took her temp. It was 100 so I gave her some medicine and a cool bath and put her to bed. This morning she woke up and I took her temp and she was 100. So I let daycare know she wasn't going to come in and I gave her some medicine. She was hungry so I gave her a slice of toast with butter on it which she ate half of. For most of the day we spent laying around on the couch and in bed every so often having spurts of energy. She drank a bit of water and juice. She had a cookie and a few cucumbers and cheese but that was basically it for her she didn't want to eat anything else.

It is now 2 am as I write this and she woke up about half an hour ago wanting a drink. She's been talking in her sleep all night. And I took her temp since she was already up and it was 103.1 yikes. More medicine for her and a cold cloth on her forehead and she's back asleep. I have written down everything about today her temps and what Time they were taken as well as how much medics I have given her. I have down what she ate and drank and what time I noticed a rash starting on her stomach. And then I thought OMG I'm that mom!

My family laughs at me for it but I know from experience with all of Ls rashes and what not that the Drs appreciate having the pictures to look at to see how things have progressed it there has been time between when a rash starts to when it is clearing up. It usually ends up that by the time we get seen at the Drs office her rash has gone down a lot all ready.

All in all I'm OK being that mom!

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