Monday, April 24, 2017

Weekend Update Monday!


Woke up this morning and it is seriously cold and gloomy not really what I wanted to wake up to but I'll take it. It's better than not waking up at all. L had a bloody nose last night. She confessed that she had picked it in the night this is the second time it has happened this week. I'm happy she told me the truth thats a good sign.

The day ended up turning into a really nice day and warmed up a lot. L instantly put on her princess dress once it came out of the wash. She thankfully isn't as obsessed as my little cousin was. My cousin used to were her princess dress everywhere and all the time. Fingers crossed we stay this way.

 We had a pretty relaxed day I had to work for an hour so L spent the hour with my sister upstairs While I worked. After I was done working we went outside for a little bit because L wanted to go outside so badly she was repeatedly begging to go. She would ask and I would say "In just a minute mommy is just finishing something." Well of course that answer wasn't good enough so the whining and persistence started. I swear she practices crying in the mirror she has gotten so good at it. Usually I just have to call her a drama queen or something silly and she will start laughing.

We went outside for a little bit and the little boy across the street was outside so naturally L wanted to go over and visit with him so my girl being the big girl she now is (she's 3 1/2) asked if she could go across the street as long as she looked both ways. I agreed and watched her. She would get to the end of the driveway and yell "NO CARS!" She would look back for me to give the ok and then she would run across the road. When did my girl get so big!


Today we woke up on the wrong side of the bed well L did. I always love getting woken up to her whining and crying. Todays dilemma was that her PJs that she got from santa for christmas are starting to get too small. I'm pretty sure she has gotten a lot taller in the last few months. She got this one piece reindeer jammies that is super cute it has antlers on the top of the hood and it even has a little tail. I thankfully was able to resolve that dilemma pretty quickly and then it was time to get up and start our day.

It turned out to be a beautiful weekend. I had to go out to one of the local trails to do some work. L stayed with my parents while I did that and she was so excited when I got home. I got a bunch of big hugs. The rest of the day was pretty laid back we just did work around the house and just spent some family time together.

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