Thursday, April 20, 2017

Giving options

I feel in my household that it's important to give my kiddo options when it comes to things like giving up toys. I don't want to just take things and give them away without her knowing I think it's good for her to make those decisions for herself. This is something that I have been doing with her for the last few years.

It all started with an overwhelming amount of stuffed animals that were taking over our room. I sat down with L and held a stuffy up and gave her the option to keep or get rid of. I was very surprised when she narrowed it down to just a few stuffed animals. We ended up getting rid of a whole garbage bag of stuffies!

Our next endeavour was to go through her toys. This one I was positive was going to be a struggle. I told her that the toys she didn't want to keep we were going to give to new babies so that they could have fun and play with them. Easy peasy lemon squeezy! another box of toys off to new babies and a less cluttered room! I can't believe how easy it really has been and even if she says she wants to keep something and I don't think its something that she will ever play with she is super easy to reason with.

Today we tackled her clothes. We went through every drawer and she said she wanted to keep or give away. There were a couple items that she was far to happy to give away because she hates them (jeans). Then there were a few things that she thought she wanted to keep but I didn't think she would need or would still fit so I would reason with her. Most of the time she will give in and give that item up because she will realize that mommy is right and that item doesn't fit with her age and what not anymore.

It makes me proud to think that L can make those decisions and she doesn't get overly upset if at all about getting rid of stuff. Basically I'm glad she's not a hoarder. I know myself I have a hard time getting rid of my own stuff. You always have that thought in the back of your head. What if I need that someday? That I am glad L doesn't have and I hope she never does.  

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